Law Enforcement Officers are under attack in America

If you have been watching the news or reading the papers lately, the police are under attack by pretty much everybody. From your average person to the Jihadi. Police have a tough job to do and it is mostly a thankless job. There are both good and bad cops, but the justice and jury system is still functional. Regardless of how you feel about what happened in Ferguson, Missouri or in other parts of the country, the jury system worked. You may have not agreed with the outcome, but it worked.

NY city

  • Cops are under attack by politicians (ala NYC Mayor, Congress and the Administration).
  • Cops are under attack by gang members, ISIS, and fundamental wackos.
  • Cops are under attack by the average citizen, who knows next to nothing on how law enforcement works or the dangers they face everyday.
  • Cops are under attack on Social Media – via Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.


If you want to hear a great reaction to this assault, listen to Mark Levin’s podcast on the 22nd of December.

Listen to it here!

Law Enforcement keeps us safe whether we recognize it or not. Some police departments are militarizing their police force and it is justified in my opinion. They face criminals that have more advanced weapons than they do and the criminals outnumber them.

Things cops can do to stay safe and be situationally aware¬†–

  • Like in football, cops need to be situationally aware of their surroundings – have their head on a swivel looking for the next attack.
  • Need to be ready to use whatever force is necessary to stay alive, even if that means having their weapons at the ready in the vehicles.


Types of threats Law Enforcement deals with – read the whole National Gang Intelligence Center’s report 2013. Another good link too.

How can you help? Support groups like this one – Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, support your local Police Benevolent Association, and show your support on social media sites.