Left of Bang

Patrick Van Horne and Jason Riley wrote a magnificent book on how to survive using the U.S. Marine Corps’ Combat Hunter Program, titled Left of Bang. We call it Situational Awareness in the U.S. Air Force. This program will save your life if you understand the concepts.

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“If you were to picture a timeline, “bang” is time-zero and is in the middle of the line. Bang is whatever event you are trying to prevent from occurring.”
The Next Level of Tactical Awareness— Getting Left of Bang

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Situational Awareness: Let’s Stay to the “Left of Bang”

Getting Left of Bang: The next level of tactical awareness (Police One Article – for Law Enforcement) 

What is the Left of Bang? 

Left of Bang Webinar (FBI’s Citizen’s Academy Alumni Association – Boston Chapter)

Left of Bang and the OODA Loop –

For those that don’t pay attention…

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