The F3EAD method

The F3EAD is used by military and government agencies to target individuals, organizations, and more. It can be useful for defending your family, business or self in a self-defense scenario.

The F3EAD (Find, Fix, Finish, Exploit, Analyze, and Disseminate – pronounced “F-three-e-a-d” or “feed,” is a version of the targeting methodology utilized by the special operations forces (SOF) responsible for some of the most widely-publicized missions in support of overseas contingency operations) method is interesting and it used by the military to find a target and eliminate it.


Use the F3EAD method in self defense can work like this:

Find – it is a start point to determine who who targeting you, your business or family.

Fix – identifying the threat or target in space and time (“Unblinking eye”) or known as surveillance.

Finish – neutralizing the threat using whatever means necessary (gun, knife, MMA, police, etc).

Exploit – finding evidence on the individual or group that is targeting your family, business or self, and if this information can be used in prosecution or in your defense in court.

Analyze – what went wrong or right during this self defense situation. Capture lessons learned.

Disseminate – share what you have learned with the self-defense community, so that it will help another person defend themselves in a similar situation.


F3EAD was used to capture Bin Laden –